Abandoned Puppy Stuck In Plastic Bag Rescued From Ravine After One Facebook Post

All it took was one Facebook post to save a puppy who had been tied up in a plastic bag and dumped in a ravine.

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This puppy was trapped inside a plastic bag filled with his own waste. Via Marcia Lutz/Facebook

How long does it take to rescue a puppy from a ravine? With the right people and the right reach, under an hour, apparently.

On October 16 at 7:22 a.m. Marcia Lutz posted on a local Noah’s Ark group page in Brazil that she had discovered a puppy trapped inside a plastic bag in a ravine. She said the location was difficult to access and needed help saving the puppy’s life.

Within minutes, comments started pouring in from concerned citizens replying to her plea for help. Then, at 7:49 a.m., a woman named Cláucia Jackline de Oliveira responded by saying she and some coworkers had rescued the puppy, but she needed someone to look after the plucky pooch. 

Poor thing. Via Marcia Lutz/Facebook

Poor thing. Via Marcia Lutz/Facebook

The puppy was taken to a health center and almost immediately adopted.

Free at last. Via Marcia Lutz/Facebook

Free at last. Via Marcia Lutz/Facebook

In such a short period of time, social media not only helped rescue the abandoned puppy but also gave her the chance to live happily ever after with a new family. Never underestimate the power of pet lovers.

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