‘Abandoned’ Louisiana Dog Gets New Home And Proud Owner

First thought to be abandoned, but actually a “neighborhood dog,” Butterbean has been adopted by a retiree more than 900 miles away.

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Butterbean heads north with his new owner. Via Human Society of Louisiana/WDSU News

The days of running — unattended — down the street chasing cars in Slidell, Louisiana, are over for one playful pup. Butterbean, a dog first thought to be abandoned after he was caught on camera chasing after a pickup truck, now has a new owner.

We first met Butterbean in March when a photograph showing him chasing a truck down the highway was thought to be a case of dog abandonment. With the media attention that followed, we learned the German Shepherd mix did have someone claiming to be his owner, but he was really more of a neighborhood dog who ran free most of the time.

Butterbean is caught chasing a former neighbor's truck near a busy highway in Slidell, Louisiana. Via Laurie Hollis/ABC News

This image of Butterbean chasing a truck quickly went viral. Via Laurie Hollis/ABC News

The Human Society of Louisiana wasn’t too happy about the situation and offered $400 to the owner to hand over Butterbean. After receiving adoption applications from animal lover across the country, the agency selected Guy Lawrence-Ederheimer of Antioch, Illinois, to be Butterbean’s new owner, reports WDSU New Orleans.

Lawrence-Ederheimer had told the humane society that his dog, Rocky, had passed away on March 17, 2014, and he “noticed the resemblance to Rocky and felt that he could offer Butterbean a perfect home for the rest of his life in Antioch, Illinois,” according to WDSU.

And the retiree lives in a cabin in the country, on a channel off a lake and, in his adoption application, promised “morning walks and afternoon playtime together.” Dog heaven or what?

Butterbean is pictured in an undated handout photo from the Humane Society of Louisiana. Via ABC News

Butterbean is pictured in an undated handout photo from the Humane Society of Louisiana. Via ABC News

Lawrence-Edenheimer picked up the 7-year-old pooch on May 18, ABC News reports. And now, even though Butterbean is being treated for heartworm, he seems to be living the doggie dream.

“I treat her as though she were my child,” Lawrence-Edenheimer told the network. “It’s expensive getting her healthy, especially because she’s still dealing with heartworm, but how can you put a dollar amount of love?”

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