Abandoned Dog Seeks Home with French Accent

Many people admit to being attracted to an accent, so why not dogs?

While we are sure this shelter dog would be happy in any home, he has one unique request: be able to speak french please, or at least fake a passable accent. 

Archie the dog who loves French 


Archie the Jack Russell Terrier was abandoned, but was lucky enough to be taken in by The Dogs Trust centre at Harefield, United Kingdom. While he waits for his forever home, he spends many of his weekends in the last 8 months, with volunteer Marie-Hélène Léoni, whom it seems he has taken a special liking too or at least a special liking to her accent.

London nursery school teacher who hails originally from Savoie in the French Alps, tells the BBC, that she would often call him “Poupounette” which translates to  “lovely doggie” or “mon petit chou” meaning “my little darling.” And to gain his trust would sing him songs in French.  

Now Archie only responds to commands delivered in her accent. And really who can blame him? Who doesn’t love a French accent? So romantic. 

But now when Archie is at the shelter during the week, the staff has been forced to do their best “Léoni” impressions, mimicking her voice when interacting with Archie. 

Lizzie Smith, a canine carer at Dogs Trust, tells the BBC that they have had “varying degrees of success.”

“She does have a lovely French accent,” says Smith, “and it’s astonishing to see the way Archie will only react when he hears it.”

Leoni’s is unable to look after Archie full-time, so he is still looking for his new home and if can find one who speaks French, “Ce serait incoyable!”

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