Green Bay QB Aaron Rodgers’ Dog Steals All The Hearts In New State Farm Ad

Aaron Rodgers and his dog, Rigsbee, show off all their combined cuteness in latest commercial for State Farm.

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Just an NFL superstar and his dog.
Chrissa Hardy

Commercials featuring A-list celebrities, talented musicians or famous athletes are always intriguing, but when a cute dog gets to steal the show, we’re 100 percent less likely to skip or fast-forward through it.

And in State Farm’s recent ad uploaded to YouTube, Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers is charming and hilarious, sure, but the real star of the ad is his dog, Rigsbee.

In the ad, Rodgers talks to a State Farm agent after a drone crashes into his windshield. He says, “7 years and never a scratch” before flashing back to several happy memories he and Rigsbee shared in the Ford truck.

We get to see the two of them camping on the beach when Rigsbee was puppy; driving down the street with the wind flowing through their hair and their tongues flapping; playing fetch with a football; and taking a ridiculously cute selfie.

In the end, we learn that teammate Clay Matthews is the source of the windshield/drone destruction. But the clear star of the show is definitely Rigsbee.

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