AA Aquarium Green Killing Machine Internal UV Sterilizer Review

AA Aquarium's Green Killing Machine Internal UV Sterilizer can get rid of algae and pathogens in your aquarium.

The AA Aquarium Internal UV Sterilizer is a well-designed, compact ultraviolet sterilizer. It comes complete with a powerhead and small sponge filter for the water intake. The UV and powerhead are inside the aquarium, held in place by four suction cups, and the control unit is completely outside of the aquarium, also held on by suction cups.

AA Aquarium UV Sterilizer

The aquarium before using the AA Aquarium Internal UV Sterilizer.

The Claims
AA Aquarium claims that their UV sterilizer is easy to install, simple to use and that it will kill suspended algae, pathogens and harmful bacteria in an aquarium. They dub their product “The Green Killing Machine.”

The Test
I tested the 9-watt model (recommended for aquarium up to 50 gallons) of the Green Killing Machine Internal UV Sterilizer. I set it up on a 55-gallon aquarium in my wholesale fish room. The aquarium had large sailfin mollies and a few Siamese algae-eaters. I’ve found that the easiest (perhaps only) way to test an ultraviolet sterilizer is to see if it clears green water from an aquarium. If a UV unit makes green water clear, I personally would be pretty sure that it is also killing pathogens suspended in the water column (that is impossible for me to test). So I left two 54-watt T5 HO lamps burning over the aquarium for about a week until I got the aquarium water cloudy and green. Then I put the lights on a timer for eight hours a day and hooked up the sterilizer.

AA Aquarium UV Sterilizer

The aquarium after using the AA Aquarium Internal UV Sterilizer.

The Results
The AA Aquarium UV Sterilizer was easy to install. The directions are clear, and the product is designed so that it can only be installed in the correct manner. Within four days of running this sterilizer, the cloudy green water was clearing up nicely. On day seven, I did a 20-percent water change, which I do with all of my aquariums regularly. By day 10, the water was crystal clear. The UV unit is unobtrusive, and even though it may have been a little undersized, it did an excellent job of clearing up some pretty yucky green water. I especially like the fact that the powerhead comes with the UV as a single unit, so there is no guessing about what pump to use.

The AA Aquarium UV Sterilizer performed exactly as claimed. I also like the fact that the AA Aquarium UV Sterilizer has an LED on the control unit (outside of the aquarium) that lets you know when the UV lamp should be replaced. I recommend this UV sterilizer for any hobbyist for all of the applications it is designed for.

AA Aquarium Inc.
Internal UV Sterilizer


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