A World Of Flying Squirrel Mischief

Are you ready for the antics of a pet flying squirrel?

flying squirrel articleWith its soft fur, its enormous eyes and its mischievous personality, a flying squirrel can be a wonderful owner for the right person. And make no mistake about it — flying squirrels own you, you don’t own them! Flying squirrels sleep all day, and then want to play all night, and their “toy” of choice is most often the person they own.  

Games Flyers Play
Flying squirrels will play peek-a-boo with you, or perhaps a nice game of “Gotcha,” or chase your fingers as you wiggle them on top of the blanket or shirt they happen to be hiding under. One person I know plays “Tag” with their flying squirrel using an emery board. The flyer tries to catch the board as she moves it around (this particular game has an added bonus — as it plays, the flying squirrel trims its nails!).

All flyers — in fact, all squirrels — are apparently born with the knowledge of the exact spot on your back where it is impossible for you to reach them. This is the spot they go to when you think it is bedtime, either yours or theirs, but they don’t agree. Flying squirrels can drag out this little game of “Bet You Can’t Catch Me” for hours, so you give up and resort to bribery. If bribes don’t work and you don’t have another person around to help, take off your shirt and put it, with the flyer, in the cage. This can prove to be very entertaining for the neighbors if you happen to have a large, outdoor cage full of flying squirrels. Don’t laugh; it happened to me once in the middle of winter! 

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