A Woman and Her Cat Share a 4-Course Dinner in Japan

Nestle Japan ran a campaign in which humans could purchase a catered meal for themselves and their cat.

Our cats can be extremely picky, demanding only the finest in foods. The people of Nestle Japan, the company that makes Purina Mon Petit cat food, knows this. From November 18 through November 24, Nestle Japan was inviting cat parents to register for a catered meal at home. That’s right. Humans and their cats would get a private chef come to their house, prepare meals for them, sit at a restaurant-style table (complete with menus) and enjoy dinner together. The meal, by the way, consists of four courses: appetizer, soup, main dish and dessert.

The catered service cost about $180, according to the kitchn, and there are no refunds. Those who purchased the meals will receive them in December.

Would you have a meal catered for you and your cat?


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