A Win-Win for Cats and Rodent Control

Foster a cat while you keep pests at bay -- London shelter offers a unique opportunity.

London residents with a household rodent problem now can rent a cat from Wood Green animal rescue, according to the Daily Mail. The program combines chemical-free rodent control with great love potential. The catch is, the homeowners must foster the cat and take care for the moggy until hunting instincts kick in.
Wood Green paired up with the Handy smartphone app, which lets users book house-cleaners and repair people for home jobs. Those wanting to rent a cat can browse photos and bios of the available mousers and pick the cat they want for the mousing job.

Wood Green provides litterboxes, food and other supplies so that the renters can take care of the cat, and staff members ask to be flexible, patient and caring with the animals. Wood Green officials hope that the fostering experience, even though the initial motive may not be animal rescue, will open homeowners’ hearts to the benefits of having a cat in the house – for love and companionship, and not just pest control. More than 200 cats with the charity need homes, and I hope many find their homes through this rent-a-moggy program.
What a wonderful idea this is, and I wish more shelters and rescues would do this!
I should point out, too, that cats might not need to actually catch and eat any rats or mice to eliminate a rodent infestation. The mere presence of a cat, both the sight and its scent, can send rodents fleeing from a house. Maybe that is why I have never seen any critters in my house. With an army of five resident American moggies, no pest in its right mind would want to take up residence with me.

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