A Vibrant Shade of Gray

Theres no question — Martha Stewart is handy in the kitchen. She can open cabinets and drawers and help herself to whatever she wants. Gale Young thought the stove and microwave were safe until the 6-year-old Weimaraner, named after the celebrity homemaker turned media maven, mastered them, too.

I had a pot cooling on the back burner, and I caught her standing at the stove, taking the lid off with her teeth, says Young, a Hardwick Village, Mass., resident and an American Kennel Club judge. Another time, Martha popped open the microwave and gobbled five pounds of spicy Italian sausage thawing inside.

Weimaraners are active dogs and active thinkers, Young says. Unlike a retrieving breed that’s bred to sit and wait for direction, the Weimaraner, a pointing breed, is bred to go and find.

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