A Vet’s Life

Move over, James Herriot. Compared to that country veterinarian of literary fame, todays animal doctor has to be a multitasker of 21st century proportions.

Kit Kampschmidt, DVM, is a case in point. He started practicing at Houstons Brittmoore Animal Hospital in 1984. Now a part owner, he oversees three associate vets and more than 20 other staffers. His interest in canine reproduction has led to a following of breeders obsessed with progesterone levels and oocytes, as well as a steady stream of online repro consults with veterinary professionals who belong to the 14,000-member Veterinary Information Network.

At home, things are just as bustling, with two teenagers, two French Bulldogs, one Pembroke Welsh Corgi, one Himalayan cat, and one Egyptian sand boa. All declined to speak about Kampschmidt for this story of a day in his busy life.

2 a.m. The clownfish is swishing along the Technicolor coral reef. This could be Cozumel, or the Caymans, or any of the other Caribbean islands where Kampschmidt, an avid scuba diver, likes to take the plunge.
But there is a persistent electronic chirp in the background. Is that the dive computer? Has he been down too long?

No its the beeper. Goodbye, REM-induced visions of an upcoming family vacation to the Turks and Caicos. Theres an English Springer Spaniel in need of a C-section.

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