A Tough Sell

It’s way too easy to relegate stuff to the garage when we don’t know what else to do with it. That’s a short-term solution but eventually even the stuff in the garage over stays it welcome. So a couple weekends ago, my husband and I held a last-minute garage sell. Among long-forgotten treasures was a never-used bird cage still in the box. The cage was a good size for a medium-size parrot and I offered it at a bargain price of $40. I told the hubby that I needed to talk with any prospective cage buyer, because I didn’t want someone housing a budgie or cockatiel in a cage that 1-inch bar spacing. Enter our first prospective buyer.

She had two pairs of finches, one with babies in the nest … all in the same budgie-size cage. I’m no a finch expert, but I do know a bad cage set-up when I hear one. I explained to her what bar spacing meant and why the cage I had for sale wasn’t appropriate for her birds. I also urged her to get a couple of wider cages (as opposed to narrow ones) and to not offer her birds nest materials, unless she was up for taking care of more and more birds. I happened to have a copy of Bird Talk on hand, an issue that covered housing finches in the “Finch & Canary” column, so I gave it to her. I could feel the “are you crazy” stare from my mother-in-law (who came over to help with the garage sell). Not only had I not sold the cage, but I was giving stuff away.

All in all, I had to talk four people out of buying the cage; one person had canaries, and two others had budgies. I gave away two more copies of Bird Talk as well as my copies of Birds USA, along with some bird-product samples I’ve received at the various bird conferences I’ve attended. At the end of the day, the cage was still seeking an appropriate owner but I felt good about it.

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