A Thieving Ferret’s Stuffed Snake Problem

Watch what happens when a ferret steals off with a prize that’s just too big to stash!

ferret grabs stuffed snake
Via jpbunnytoast/YouTube  
Nothing is too big for this ferret to steal!

Ferrets are spontaneous creatures, so planning is not necessarily a common skill for them, although I’m sure there are some individuals who are great planners. The little ferret in this video might not be among the planners. He demonstrates an amazing ability to steal by hauling off a stuffed toy snake that has got to be about three times his length. He drags his prize from one room to another, down a short flight of stairs. 

But then a problem arises  — how will he stash this amazing item? He heads for a couch, but the snake is too big to pull under. He then makes a misguided attempt to grab the snake and leap onto the couch. Yeah, that didn’t work at all. It looks like the space beside the couch will have to do, although the snake doesn’t quite fit completely.

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Through it all, the ferret glances at the camera. I don’t know if he’s looking for help from the person filming or if he is wishing the person would go away so he can stash away the snake in private. 

The video offers an interesting glimpse into a ferret’s thought process. He might not be a planner, but I give him points for being a problem solver, because this ferret never gives up and keeps searching for a solution.

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