A Terrier And Her Guinea Pigs

That’s right, this terrier had her own pets and she chose guinea pigs as her buddies.

dog snuggling guinea pig
Via ADTmom/YouTube 
Sunshade snuggles with her friend Meatball the guinea pig.

Can you ever watch too many heartwarming videos? I don’t think so. A co-worker (thanks, Sam!) recently alerted me to this video showing an Airedale Terrier’s friendship with guinea pigs. What?!? How is that possible? That’s what I thought. As hunting breeds, terriers are usually mortal enemies of any small animals. Not so with Sunshade, an Airedale with a heart of gold. She has also befriended rabbits.

The 2012 video tells how Sunshade had wanted pet guinea pigs for five years. She let her owner know this by watching guinea pigs in a pet store for hours. When Sunshade faced a battle with cancer, her owner decided to grant her wish for guinea pigs and got her a pair of females.

But then the story takes a twist, as one guinea pig was actually a male —  the pair of guinea pigs soon welcomed three baby guinea pigs! Sunshade doted on them, and the parents. Video of her drying the guinea pig family after they each got a bath is too tender for words. 

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Amid all the happiness, some sorrow arises. Yes, this is your tissue alert. But I’m so happy I got to share in this portion of Sunshade’s life. More than 600,000 people have viewed the video, so I’m not alone. 

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