A SXSW For Cats Could Become A Reality

The force behind CatCon and CatArtShowLA has a vision for the next stage in total cat cultural domination.

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Mike Bridavsky, Lil BUB and Mayim Bialik backstage at CatConLA in 2015. Via CatConLA/Facebook
Anastasia Thrift

Cats, so hot right now, cats. They’re everywhere and yet we want more.

Last week Susan Michals, who created CatConLA and two cat-centric art shows, revealed her next idea to KPCC in Pasadena, California: a South by Southwest festival for cats. She told the radio station her vision is to ultimately merge the convention, art show and a cat film fest — which she took on recently after the former Internet Cat Video Festival left its home at the Walker Art Center — into one magical long weekend, “like SXSW for cats.”

“Routine Mischief” shows Ricky Gervais in a photograph by Rich Hardcastle, from CatArtShowLA 2. Via CatConLA/Facebook

We wanted to know more about this amazing concept so we reached out. And were shut down, sadly. She said it’s too early to reveal anything about the big weekend that previously only occurred in our imaginations. But she did tell us why cats are kind of having a moment right now.

“Cats have always been the subject of fascination not to mention companionship,” Michals said. “With the advent of the Internet and wonderful characters like Lil BUB, they have moved into more into the spotlight as the the wonderful animals we know them to be.”

We’re happy to be alive now.

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