‘A Street Cat Named Bob’ Movie in the Works

Luke Treadaway will star in the movie about a homeless man and his feline companion.

A man was living on the streets and in shelters in London. In 2007, the homeless James Bowen came across an equally homeless stray cat, The Guardian reports. Bowen soon named the cat Bob and now credits the feline for saving his life. When he saw that the cat needed him, Bowen had no choice but to get his life in order to provide the care Bob needed.

Bowen wrote books about his life with Bob; the first one, A Street Cat Named Bob: And How He Saved My Life was a bestseller. It focused on Bowen’s addiction and how Bob got him to turn his life around.

Now the book is being turned into a movie. Actor Luke Treadaway will play James Bowen, but so far no cat has been cast in the role of Bob. Perhaps, as Bowen suggested to The Guardian, Bob should play himself. The celebrity status may go to his head, though; as Bowen said in an interview with The Guardian, “He’s already a little bit of a diva. He’s definitely demanding more treats and he likes to work fewer hours – he’s very vocal about it.”

Will you see the film?


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