A Stray Cat Becomes an Office Cat

Blade the kitten keeps office workers company during the 9-5.

In today’s cat news, a little stray kitten trotted into someone’s home in Texas, and was soon relinquished to a group of employees eager to add an office cat to their work environment.

“I work in the office at a really laid back grass farm in the middle of nowhere, Texas,” reddit user theTXpanda said. “We have been dancing around the idea of getting an office cat for awhile and someone found this little guy and knew we might be interested. Owners of my work were okay with it so we rescued him! He was flea infested and pretty rough looking but he is living the dream now!”

The gray kitten, now dubbed Blade (after a blade of grass), was quickly given an intensive flea bath at his new dwelling, followed by a sweet office setup featuring a room of his own laden with a litter box, food and water, and two of his favorite things: cozy beds and stuffed animals.

Employees within the office take turns playing with and caring for their feline charge, and Blade? Well, he repays the favor by sleeping on the job.

All in favor of adding an office cat to their workplace say “Aye!”

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