A Spiritual Connection

Emmy Award-winning actress Mariette Hartley reflects on the joy of being with cats.

Cat Fancy- Mariette Hartley- December 2010

On a rainy California afternoon, actress Mariette Hartley sits on her bed watching the rain, with a heating pad giving comfort to her back and three furry heating pads giving comfort to her soul. The Emmy Award-winning actress and self-avowed animal lover says it’s the most heavenly place for her to be.

Hartley, who is 70, has been acting since she was a child. Her credits include the films Ride the High Country (1962) and Alfred Hitchock’s  Marnie (1964). On TV, she won an Emmy for her portrayal of Dr. Carolyn Fields, who marries the title character of the series The Incredible Hulk. She also gained a lot of attention for a series of Polaroid camera commercials she made with actor James Garner in the 1970s and ’80s, and she briefly hosted CBS’ The Morning Program

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