A Sing-A-Long

In a previous post, I alluded to helping write a jingle and singing it on a demo tape for a top-secret project coming this summer on BirdChannel.com. Well, yesterday a few other editors and I laid down the official track. We borrowed the Cat Fancy editor (who’s a veteran karaoke singer) and the equally talented web editor for Pet Product News, along with the Small Animal Channel editor and the bird team.

It felt a bit like “American Idol,” with our audio/visual coordinator gently suggesting that those of us who were a bit more vocally challenged move further away from the recording microphone.  It took a few takes, but we finally “nailed it.”

Mind you, we are a publishing company, not a record company, so we don’t have sound-proofed rooms for such recordings. That meant that the department across the hall, pre-press that is, could hear every take. That would explain the funny looks and snickering we saw as we exited the room. It’s a catchy tune, though, so I wouldn’t be surprised if they were humming it throughout the day like I have been.

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