A Real Hedgehog In The Sonic Universe

The video game hedgehog has been part of the real world for 24 years, and now a video shows us a real hedgehog tackling the Sonic universe.

Sonic Runners
Via Sonic The Hedgehog/Facebook 
The latest version of Sonic, Sonic Runners, launches worldwide on June 25, 2015.

Fans of pet hedgehogs have likely run into this phenomenon: you type “hedgehog” into a search engine and, along with links to pages about wild and pet hedgehogs, you also get links to pages about the biggest hedgehog name in video games — Sonic The Hedgehog. Today, June 23, is the 14-year anniversary of the release of this popular game from Sega. The little 16-bit game that could has staying power, morphing and getting released to various platforms across the years. Tomorrow a new Sonic game will be launching, Sonic Runners. 

real hedgehog in Sonic world
Via Mashable
Mashable borrowed Elvis the hedgehog from the San Diego Zoo to create this amazing video.

In the game, Sonic is all about speed! This week, Mashable posted an article about a real-life hedgehog taking on the Sonic universe. They’ve got the video to prove it! Take a look at the nifty background and digitized gold coins in this Sonic world. Although the real-life hedgehog (Elvis, who was kindly provided by the San Diego Zoo) doesn’t have quite the same speed as Sonic, the little guy has some moves. Exercise wheel in the way? Go under that obstacle!

Aside from the obvious physical differences between Sonic and pet hedgehogs (blue has never been a hedgehog color), gold coins likely wouldn’t be a lure for a pet hedgehog, unless the coins smelled interesting. Also, hedgehogs in real life are actually solitary and wouldn’t likely have friends like Sonic does. Despite the differences, it’s cool that Sonic has kept hedgehogs in a prominent place in pop culture for so long. For some people, Sonic might be the first introduction to hedgehogs. Happy anniversary, Sonic!

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