A Rabbit Beyond Compare

From surviving potentially fatal health problems to enriching people's lives, Bunny Boy was remarkable.

opening pages to article: A Rabbit Beyond Compare“I rebelliously bought this bunny that ended up being the love of my life,” said Nancy Laracy. The story of Bunny Boy is as simple and as complicated as that, and it begins during what Laracy called a magical snowstorm in January 2001, when she and her two children stopped at a pet store to buy food for her son’s bearded dragon. 

The store had a litter of red Satin rabbits, and her daughter asked for one for her birthday. The family had never owned a furry pet because Laracy’s husband, Ward, is allergic to dogs and cats. She was feeling rebellious because her husband didn’t want them to have another child due to concerns about her health. Because of her lupus and fibromyalgia, his concerns were understandable; but that didn’t stop her from making an impulse purchase of what they were told was a female rabbit, which her children named Fluffet. After his initial surprise, Ward Laracy quickly fell under the spell of Fluffet — and fortunately wasn’t allergic to rabbits.

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