A Puppy Kissing A Fish Turns Into So Much More Thanks To Photoshop

Who knew that the connection between a koi fish and a puppy could be so magical?

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A dog and his koi. Via BusyKillingCereal/Reddit
Cari Jorgensen

When we greet someone we care about, we do more than shake their hand. We give them a big hug. We tell them how much we missed them. We might even give them a kiss. When a puppy and a koi fish greeted each other, a hug was out of the question — the koi being too slippery and all. The language barrier prevented them from sharing thoughts on how long it’s been since they last saw each other last. But a kiss? That was something they could share.

The sweet greeting between friends quickly became the subject of a Photoshop battle, thanks to paparazzi. One such photographer who goes by BusyKillingCereal, posted the image on Reddit three days ago.

Via BusyKillingCereal/Reddit

How it all began. Via BusyKillingCereal/Reddit

Since then, the internet has taken the two unlikely friends’ tender moment and turned it into so much more.

1. Devoured

This redefines the phrase “biting one’s head off.”

2. Saying Goodbye

“Until we meet again.”

3. The Last Kiss

There totally was room for that koi on that plank.

4. The Wedding Kiss

“I now pronounce you Koi and Puppy.”

5. Caught On The Kiss Cam

Kisses are a must!

6. The Scandalous Kiss

Looks like the koi is already taken.

7. Flying High

There’s nothing like a kiss as you’re plummeting to the ground.

8. Going For The Gold

We wonder how many points they’re going to get for working that kiss into their routine.

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