A ‘Puppy Cat’ Named Marley

Marley’s pet parent says this cat is the best dog he’s ever had.

Marley is a 14-year-old orange and white cat out of Westfield, Indiana. So far nothing out of the ordinary, right? But this cat is a little bit dog, walking on a leash and responding to his owner Stephen Miller’s commands to sit, shake and high-five. Marley likes rides in the car, sitting up front with Miller and even seemingly enjoying the roundabouts, WTHR reports.

Miller told WTHR that Marley “is a puppy cat. Half dog, half cat. He’s the best dog we have ever had.”

Like a lot of dogs, this cat is often approached by children when he’s out for a walk. One little girl who met Marley at the Cool Creek Nature Center said, “Can he come to our house? We don’t got a kitty. We’ve only got a dog.” The kids get especially excited when they see Marley riding in the swing. Who knows if Marley actually enjoys being pushed on the swing set, but Miller told WTHR he could tell Marley liked it because “he didn’t jump out.”

Marley does seem to enjoy Miller’s company, even sitting next to his human while he paints.

Have you ever had a cat that was a little bit (or a lot) dog?


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