A Puppy And A Hedgehog Star In A Silent Film Short

Follow the adventure as a hedgehog and puppy meet in a silent-film-style video that captures the era perfectly.

puppy sniffs hedgehog
Via Animal Planet/YouTube  
“Methinks I need to sniff this fella.”

How many ways can you share video of an adorable puppy and hedgehog interacting? So far, Animal Planet is up to three (that I know of). The most recent take shows the two pets playing silent film actors, with the video converted to black and white to finalize the effect. The title cards between scenes are pretty funny, as they imitate the lingo of the silent film era. “Golly,” “fella,” “ducky,” “bee’s knees” — all that and more are there, as is the obligatory piano accompaniment.

Hazel the Havanese puppy plays the role of Ollie in this “movie.” Prickle the hedgehog is simply known as “The Hedgehog.” In a video from October 2014, they were shown in documentary-style living life together and enjoying a swim in the backyard. In a video from this July, much of the same footage plus a few new bits were added to create a music video complete with a personalized song proclaiming them best friends. This silent film edition sets them up as strangers who have a few odd encounters before finally bonding during bath time.

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Is the name Ollie a nod to the famous comedy due of Stan Laurel and Oliver (Ollie) Hardy, who became popular in the late 1920s and starred in 32 short silent films and many more talkies? That’s my guess.
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