A Plea For Parakeets

Sit down and let this overenthusiastic bird lady tell you a thing: rethink your parakeet perceptions.

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A parakeet with a flower in his beak. That's right, this Casanova is ready to make you fall in love with the litte guy.
A parakeet can charm your socks off, don’t let anyone tell you differently.

I? here today to talk to you about the most criminally underestimated parrot: the parakeet.

Yes, though they are small, they ARE parrots. You might call them “budgies,?you might call them “budgerigars,?but you should never call them “just.?As in, “just a parakeet.?lt;/span>

Sit down and let this overenthusiastic bird lady tell you a thing: We need to rethink our parakeet perceptions.

Not only are these little feathered friends “real parrots,?they need to be treated like such.

Why? Because budgies are smart, sensitive beings who are capable of much more than people give them credit for. For real. Check this out:

A budgie even holds the world record for bird with the largest vocabulary. Seriously!

Of course, not all budgies will do these things, but even one who? not a talker will be your buddy.

All it takes is a little time, understanding and research. Even an older, untamed budgie can become a companion. These birds can live for more than 10 years if given proper care, so get to know them! It? worth it.

Heck, even if you DON’T want to be too hands on with your parakeet pal, they are still a ton of fun to watch! Budgies are incredibly inquisitive and they can entertain you for hours with their antics.

Budgies are great first birds not because they are readily available, cheap “starter birds.?They are great ANYTIME birds. First bird or millionth bird. Their care is simpler than larger birds, but no less important.

Make bringing home a budgie a big deal. Carefully consider it. Do your research. Get the proper bird cage, toys, food, materials, everything! Adopt if you can. Treat your budgie right. Make them important, because they are important. No more subpar care.

And if you ever ever EVER hear anyone say anything about them being “just parakeets,?or “dumb,?or “not real parrots,?or “throwaway birds,?or any of the multitude of undeserved misconceptions about these wonderful birds, you MAKE ANGRY BUDGIE NOISES AT THEM.


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