A New Ferret Movie Is Nearly Here

Director Alison Parker is set to release her latest short movie, The Magic Ferret, soon on DVD and at film festivals.

Fans of ferret movies rejoice! Alison Parker, the creative force behind 2011’s Jake And Jasper: A Ferret Tale, will soon be shipping DVDs of her next ferret film, The Magic Ferret. Get ready for cuteness overload as star Jacob Tremblay lights up the screen with his smile as he portrays young Sam, an orphan who is looking for a family to adopt him – and his ferret, Booger, too. Watch the trailer for The Magic Ferret below.

Work on the film began this past spring, and the DVDs are expected to be sent out in December. And of course the DVD has extras, including the ever-popular bloopers section. Parker is also working to get the film into numerous film festivals across the United States and Canada. The movie won’t be in theaters, so seeing it at a film festival or buying the DVD through The Magic Ferret website are the only ways to watch.

After the movie was filmed and being edited, SmallAnimalChannel interviewed Parker to get her thoughts about The Magic Ferret and future ferret films.

Now that’s the movie is done, how do you feel about it?
I feel great. I feel proud. I feel grateful. Grateful to the people who funded this film, the sponsors, the cast and the crew who all made it possible. I really feel that as a director I am getting better and better, and hopefully that will show in The Magic Ferret. It’s a great little movie, and I’m excited to share it with the world, especially the ferret community!

What are your fondest memories of making it?
Working with the actors, including my ferret Falcor, was amazing. These were some of the best actors I’ve ever had the privilege to work with. When we wrapped and Fred Ewanuick told me he’d work with me again anytime, that was awesome. But some of my fondest memories are actually from pre-production, the time leading up to filming. We went from not knowing if this movie would even get made, to exceeding our fundraising goal, to suddenly being sponsored by big companies like Hasbro, Crayola, Marshall Pet Products, etc. Bryan Cranston (Breaking Bad) sent us a personalized autographed headshot to help us with our fundraising efforts. Then there was the day I received an email from one of my producers where the subject line read “You will go bananas when you read this!” It was the news that we got the rights to use the Selena Gomez song “Magic” in our end credits. That was one of the most exciting things to happen to me, like, ever.

The biggest challenges?
Not enough money and not enough time. We shot this film in two days, but I sure wish we could have afforded three or four days. When you’re working with a little kid, the union rules state that you can’t make them work over eight hours per day, but Jacob Tremblay (who plays Sam) is in every single scene in the movie, so that is challenging. You have to get creative and shoot the coverage of the other actors at the end of the day after the kid has gone home. But also working with animals, even a ferret as incredibly intelligent and well-trained as Falcor, is time consuming. So I had to pick my battles and if we weren’t getting the trick we needed fast enough, I had to cut it and move on. I wish I had unlimited money and unlimited time, but then again so does every filmmaker.

Do you foresee doing more ferret movies in the future?
My answer to this question is always no because I am interested in doing so much more than that. I really love making films about kids and animals, and it doesn’t need to be ferret-specific. But I can’t lie, my next few projects on the horizon are ferret movies. But when those ones are done… get ready for… well… let’s just say… sloths.

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