A New Coton

Prospective owners mull the sex of a new Coton de Tulear puppy.

Q. My husband and I placed a deposit on a Coton de Tulear. We are not quite sure whether we want a male or a female. I tried to find pros and cons but was unsuccessful. Could you give us some expert advice to help us make this crucial decision about the newest member of our family? We appreciate your expert opinion.

A. As you know, the Coton is a charming and loving member of the Bichon family, originally from Madagascar. I think you would find a Coton of either sex quite delightful. Both require brushing and combing several times a week but there is little shedding.

An intact female will have a heat cycle every six months. That can get messy. Some females can also become moody and lose their appetite. Finally, her receptive state may attract male dogs to your home from miles around. Be a responsible pet owner and ask your breeder’s advice about the best age to spay her.

Housetraining can sometimes be a challenge with small breeds of either sex but be consistent, and use a baby gate or crate when you can’t be around to supervise your puppy.

Enjoy your new addition!

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