A Muttley Crew

Presenting the winners of our 2007 Mixed Up Mutts Photo Contest.

Back in June, we opened our mailboxes to your entries for our Mixed Up Mutts photo contest. Four months and more than 700 pieces of mail later, we’ve finally narrowed your entries down to five lucky mutts who captured our attention and our hearts.

Our Sponsor

Our first-place winner receives the PoolPup Original, pool safety steps made just for dogs, valued at $157. The second-place winner receives four certificates, worth $27.99 each, for 20-pound bags of any variety of Purina dog food. Our third-place winner receives $75 in coupons for ALPO Chop House Originals, redeemable at any grocery store. Honorable mentions receive a copy of the book DogAge: How Young is Your Dog by Dondi Dahlgaard.

First Place
First Place - Pepper 
Name: Pepper
Breeds: Labrador Retriever-German Shepherd Dog
Owner: Lisa L.
Location: New York

“Pepper is a real firecracker! She has boundless spirit and energy that she puts into playing fetch, running in circles, and playing with whomever she gets her paws on! She constantly smiles and catches the hearts of everyone she wags that feisty tail at! We are crazy about her and feel that she is truly a ‘mixed-up mutt.’”

Second Place
Second Place - Meme

Breeds: Australian Shepherd, Basenji, Rhodesian Ridgeback, etc.
Owner: Mindy R.
Location: California
“Meme loves to chase squirrels, gophers, and mice. She goes everywhere with us and wherever we go, people exclaim how pretty she is! She looks as if she is wearing eyeliner. She is also very friendly and a great hostess because according to her, it is all about me … Meme!”

Third Place

Name: Annie
Breeds: German Shepherd Dog-Labrador Retriever
Owner: Kathleen T.
Location: Illinois
“Annie is an Island Girl. She is from St. Martin. She is a rescue dog. I adopted her from PAWS Chicago. I love her. She is a great dog. She is my girlfriend!”

Honorable Mentions

Name: Bailey
Breeds: Pug-Beagle
Owner: Jen K.
Location: Ohio

“I decided to get a puppy thinking that it would help ease the transition of breaking up with a longtime boyfriend. Not only did Bailey heal my broken heart and ease my loneliness, but she has become my constant companion and has allowed me to see that there is hope for the future.”

Name: Dayzi
Breeds: Border Terrier mix
Owner: Elizabeth M.
Location: Tennessee

“Dayzi is a very energetic puppy. She loves to run around as fast as lightning, then jump into a nice cold bucket of water to cool down! She loves to play fetch with her little yellow ball, and yes, she will bring the ball back to me! She’s a very smart puppy that I couldn’t resist since the first day I saw her!”

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