A Most Beautiful Black Cat

Bombay cat Vader takes top spot in CatChannel photo contest filled with feline beauty.


It was a difficult choice. CatChannel received almost 800 entries in our Beautiful Black Cats photo contest.

But in the end, the silky, sleek ebony coat and bright green eyes of Vader, a Bombay cat from California, edged out the competition and he was named the winner.

His parents, Noe and Cheri Torres, say they rescued Vader when he was 8 weeks old, and that “he has truly enriched our lives over the course of the last nine months.”

Congratulations to Noe and Cheri, who win a copy of “Ask the Cat Keeper” by Marc Morrone.

And thank you to all who sent in your beautiful black cat photos and told us how they have brought you nothing but good luck!

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