A Mini Lop Rabbit That Rarely Sleeps

Is it normal for a baby rabbit to stay up all night?

Q: My 7-week-old, male Mini Lop rabbit stays up all night. I don’t know what to do anymore. He runs around in his habitat, drinks his water and eats his food. He stays in my room so it really bugs me. He does sleep one to two hours during the day, maybe even a little more. This is my first time having a rabbit inside. I’ve only had him for six days. Is this normal behavior for a new bunny? What should I do? I tried removing his food and water at night, but it’s not helping. He only sleeps for an hour or an hour and a half at night. Please help me!
A: Everything your rabbit is doing is normal. First of all, he is a baby. Baby rabbits are very playful and full of energy. They will run, zip around and do binkies throughout the day and night.

Because rabbits are a prey animal, they need to be on guard at all times, so some will rest and take short naps. You will find that rabbits tend to be lazy on and off during the day, and are full of energy at dusk and dawn. Some rabbits sleep with their eyes open, looking like they are awake. Little twitches are the clue that they are really asleep. Other rabbits lay all sprawled out with their eyes closed.
Rabbits need to have hay, food and water available to them at all times; taking that away could put a rabbit into gastrointestinal stasis, which can be deadly. Place your rabbit’s set up in a room other than your bedroom. That way you can get a good night’s sleep, and your rabbit can run and play whenever he wants. Once your rabbit is an adult and neutered, he will calm down a little. But keep in mind that just because you want to go to sleep doesn’t mean your rabbit does.

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