A Man, a Dog and Some Classic Movie Scenes

Chris Naka recreates classic scenes from romance movies with a dog.

Romance movies, although predictable at times, are often feel-good films we love and talk about with friends. Sometimes we post images from those movies to our social media pages. As dog lovers, we can’t help thinking that those images might be better with dogs.

Chris Naka, performance artist with the Blue Man Group in Chicago, certainly thought so. He embarked on an ongoing, fun little project in which he recreated classic romance scenes from films with Wrigley, his boss’s dog, as his love interest.

It started with The Graduate during Naka’s lunch break. From there the duo has spent 10 to 15 minutes of lunchtime capturing scenes from The Notebook, Say Anything, Sixteen Candles and more.

All photos from mmsspp.imgur.com

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