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London Subway Stop Might Soon Be Filled With Photos Of Cats

If only every train station nixed advertising in favor of cat photos.

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If the Kickstarter campaign is fully funded, Londoners may soon be seeing this at one of their train stops. Via C.A.T.S./Kickstarter
Cari Jorgensen

Advertising is everywhere. We see it in the form of billboards on our commute to and from work. We hear it on the radio stations we listen to, see it on the television programs we watch and are oftentimes bombarded with it in magazines and emails and on websites (not to mention at bus stops and just about everywhere else we look). Do we really want to see that much advertising?

Glimpse, a United Kingdom-based creative collective, doesn’t think so, and they aim to do something about it. Billing itself as the Citizens Advertising Takeover Service (C.A.T.S.), Glimpse plans on replacing all the ads in a London subway station with pictures of cats. Sounds like a good plan to us.

The reasoning behind the plan is simple. Photos of cats in the train station “would look amazing, it’s exhausting being asked to buy stuff all the time [and] wouldn’t it be great not to worry about the holiday we can’t afford, the car we don’t need or the body we don’t have? Imagine a world where public spaces made you feel good,” the C.A.T.S. Kickstarter campaign states.

Looking at cats instead of ads? Sounds good to us. Via C.A.T.S./Kickstarter

Looking at cats instead of ads? Sounds good to us. Via C.A.T.S./Kickstarter

Glimpse is looking to raise $33,076 in the next 16 days to make the advertising replacement a reality. The collective has already received permission from the powers at be to switch out the ads in favor of cats — as long as the money to pay for it is raised. At press time, $7,320 had been raised. Those who wish to back the project will receive various rewards, which range from “We will stroke a cat for you” ($1.44 pledge) to limited edition ad blockers, stickers, T-shirts and having your cat featured on one of the posters (about $3,595).

Of course. Via C.A.T.S./Kickstarter

Of course. Via C.A.T.S./Kickstarter

Sure, there are bigger things to concern ourselves with in the world today, but this seems like a small step in the right direction, don’t you think?

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