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I finally got tired of my lovebirds’ cage falling apart, so this weekend, while shopping for bird toys, I picked up a new cage that’s exactly like my Pacific parrotlet T.K.’s. When I got home, I had a blast setting up their new cage, while the lovebirds watched me beadily from their travel carrier. Since the cages are stackable, I set up a “stand” (two overturned storage cubes) and placed the two cages on top. The lovebirds were in the middle and T.K’s cage was on top.

T.K’s personality seemed to do a 180 in a heartbeat. Before, his cage had been about 3 feet off the ground and now it is 5 feet. My parrotlet, who normally hides when I tower over his cage, now stands tall on his perch, eye level with me. Some birds, especially tiny, size-of-a-thumb birds, seem to prefer to be up high, where they can look over what is going on around them. Who would have though that confidence level equals height level?

For my lovebirds, it’s a completely different story. Once they explored their new cage, they went to work on their new toy. It’s a shreddable toy that’s twice their size and stuffed full of other shreddy items, and they absolutely love it. Josh uses it as a perch and Tori drags out the things she wants to tear apart.

Also, while shopping for bird toys, I was searching for a new Ole kabob toy for T.K.  A friend of mine calls the type of toy “construction projects” for birds, and it’s so true. T.K. spent a solid month hollowing it out and now it’s stuffed with a couple toys, (I also stuff it with those giant-sized millets) and he’s using it as another perch.

Anyway, my quest for a new one turned up nothing, so I bought a different kind of kabob toy for him … which he’s ignored. In fact, he’s gone back to work on his Ole, chewing off what’s left of the yucca on the walls.

Strange, strange little blue bird.

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