A Little ‘Cracking’ Goes a Long Way

Guidelines for considering chiropractic care for your dog.

Dog World ExtraAlthough many natural therapies are commonly employed to help pets, chiropractic therapy is among the least used. This is probably because of the relative scarcity of trained veterinary chiropractors.

However, when properly employed by a trained veterinary chiropractor, this natural therapy, which relies upon spinal manipulation, can prove very useful in the treatment of pets with a variety of medical disorders.

Here are some things to keep in mind when considering chiropractic care for your pet:

  • Chiropractic care can be used alone, in conjunction with other natural therapies, or in conjunction with conventional medical therapies.
  • Chiropractic care can be used to treat problems as they arise, or used long-term to maintain health.
  • Veterinary chiropractors employ techniques using physical manipulation to properly align maladjusted vertebrae (subluxations). These manipulations are usually not painful and, as in people, may be accompanied by a “cracking sound” as the adjustment occurs.
  • Although most often prescribed for pets with musculoskeletal problems, such as hip dysplasia, arthritis, and disc disease, chiropractic and adulation can be used for any disease condition or to simply keep the pet as healthy as possible by maintaining proper spinal alignment.
  • There are many theories that explain why chiropractic regulation might work. Ultimately, it is theorized that by properly aligning the spine, the nervous system is able to function normally and any blockages to nerve flow will be removed.
  • Because chiropractic is a medical procedure, it should only be done by a trained professional who understands not only the proper way to employee manipulation therapy, but also understands the anatomy and physiology of the patient being treated. Whenever possible, a licensed veterinary chiropractor should be used to employ this treatment. If this is not possible, a licensed chiropractor could perform the therapy under the supervision of the referring veterinarian.
  • Although there are many natural therapies available to help pets with a variety of medical disorders, chiropractic care, while not commonly used, is a valuable treatment. It can be used on its own or in combination with any other natural or conventional medical therapy to achieve the best results for the pet.
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