Little Bird Fights Fear In Pixar’s ‘Piper’

The title character in the short film makes attempts at being independent.

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"Piper" is short and sweet. Via Disney Pixar/Facebook
Cari Jorgensen

“Piper” first came into our lives when “Finding Dory” was released in theaters last summer, and it is still melting our hearts.

In the animated Pixar short, a sweet little sandpiper starts out very reliant on her mother. She’s afraid to go out in the world and be independent — something many young adults face as they move out of their parents’ houses and head off to college.

But food is a big motivator. When her smart mama decides it’s time to stop bringing her dinner, the young bird must come out to the sea to get it herself. And she does, but when a wave crashes over her, fear sets in.

Like many of us who came across obstacles and setbacks when we first started out, the bird learns how to welcome the sea, to dive underneath it and not let it control her. In doing so, she discovers just how much that world has to offer. And in true animated fashion, she shares what she’s learned with others.

Take a look at the little bird’s adventures here:

“Piper” is also available on the “Finding Dory” DVD.

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