A-List Party Goes to the Dogs

This holiday season, a party just for dogs is the hot ticket in Hollywood.

Hollywood certainly loves a good party. And that goes for Hollywood’s dogs, too.

One of this year’s most exclusive holiday parties is just for dogs. A-list guests on four paws include Greta Garbo, actress Lara Flynn Boyle’s Shih Tzu, and Jack Russell Terrier Jackie, the dog of tennis ace Serena Williams.

The party is thrown every year by Lara Shriftman, a celebrity publicist and author of “Fête Accompli! The Ultimate Guide to Entertaining” and “Party Confidential.” Shriftman, who owns Shih Tzu Lulu Flynn, also has a line of party products sold on the Home Shopping Network. She and business partner Elizabeth Harrison host the reality show “Get This Party Started” on UPN.

Hollywood dogs who make it past the velvet leash will don Santa Clause outfits, nosh on doggie cakes made by Three Dog Bakery, and rip into gifts and stockings stuffed with dog toys.

Shriftman, herself no stranger to glamorous parties, told Forbes that parties for dogs will only get more popular and over-the-top – in Hollywood and everywhere else.

“People are obsessed with their dogs,” she says.

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