A Kinder Cone for Cats

Fudge is asked to model a surgical cone, and she isn't very happy about it.

Fudge was not impressed when she was “asked” to model that latest version of the Elizabethan cone that veterinarians use to prevent pets from interfering with an area on their body where they may have a wound or be recovering from a surgical procedure.

I remember once rushing Cali to an emergency vet and they put one of those hard plastic cones on her. It terrorized her and I vowed that although such a device is necessary, I would seek out a better version and keep it handy should it ever be needed again.

Well I found the answer when a canine clothing designer friend of mine, Sandy Maroney from I See Spot, showed me a very stylish version that she had designed for dogs and named the E-collar. Not only is it lightweight but also it’s made from a see-through plastic so that the “blinker effect” caused by traditional surgical cones doesn’t stress the wearer.  It closes with Velcro and a toggled drawstring. I guess you could say the human equivalent would be wearing a see-through umbrella around your neck.

Initially Sandy was amused when I said I thought it would be purrfect for cats and asked if Fudge could test it out. I guess she envisioned the typical battle to purrsuade a cat to wear it.

Well, she was right about that! Fudge was dozing in her Furcedes bed when I rudely awoke her and popped it over her head; she meowed in protest at having been bothered.  But the E-collar is definitely cat-friendly.

The other dog accessory that I really like for felines is the soft shoulder harness that fits comfortably over the shoulder area and has less wiggle room for escape. Fudge has one of those, too. But there was no way she was going to model it after being subjected to an E-collar.

But it did the trick and now at least I know it works should I ever need one.

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