A Hedgehog And Hamster Enjoy Happy Hour

Who knew that watching a hedgehog and hamster at happy hour could be so fun?

hedgehog on pool table
Via Humphrey J Hedgehog/YouTube 
What would happy hour be without a game of pool?

From Twitter to Facebook to Instagram to YouTube to Vine, Humphrey J Hedgehog has done it all. In 2009 he joined Twitter and his account notes that he’s on a journey to become an international superstar. The note on his Vine account, which started in 2015, states that he IS an international superstar. 

What has Humphrey J Hedgehog done to earn his superstardom? Mostly model in some pretty cute photos and videos. His latest video shows Humphrey and his new hamster friend arriving at and hanging out in an Irish pub. 

The impressive thing about the video is how well both Humphrey and Coco the hamster interact with the set and props. Both are shown arriving and then entering McCritter’s Irish Pub for happy hour. After a brief stop for snacks, it’s on to playing pool and then some serious eating. During this adventure, Humphrey actually noses a few pool balls around, and then Coco, with the help of special effects, makes a rather amazing shot that sinks four pool balls at once!

The attention to detail with all the props is something to behold. Everything is sized proportional to the two stars of the video, and the sets are not barren or sparse. The bar really looks like it could be a working bar for very small patrons!

In a 2014 BoredPanda article Humphrey’s owner, Diane Modafferi, said that she works in the TV and film industry and takes a cinematic approach to photographing Humphrey.

“I use backdrops, create sets and props and use lighting to capture Humphrey as if he were in a movie scene,” Modafferi said. “Humphrey enjoys exploring the new environments and gets rewarded with mealworms. He’s become a great actor!”

Of course a real bar wouldn’t interest a hedgehog or hamster too much, as the food and drink offered is just not what they’re into, but whatever makes this magic happen, I hope it continues. The world needs more Humphrey J Hedgehog photos and videos!
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