A Healthy Hedgehog Cage

Develop a maintenance schedule to keep a hedgehog’s cage clean and healthy.

It’s important to clean your hedgehog’s cage regularly to control odor and bacteria, which can be harmful to your small pet.

Empty your pet’s litter box every day. Wash it with hot water and biodegradable dish soap, rinse it thoroughly, dry it and fill it with fresh litter. Wash out the food bowl too, and rinse out the water bottle before filling it with fresh water. Take out any soiled bedding — including any that might be inside the nest box — and replace it with clean bedding.

Your hedgehog’s entire cage needs a thorough cleaning once a week. Add one tablespoon of bleach to a gallon of warm water and scrub the floor and sides of the cage, along with the exercise wheel and nest box. Rinse thoroughly and let everything dry in the sun.

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