A Hamster Throws A Tiki Party

HelloDenizen invites us to take a look at a hamster’s tiki party in their latest Tiny Hamster video.

Have you ever been to a Hawaiian or tiki-themed party? Did you wear grass skirts, leis and coconut bikinis? Perhaps pineapple slices, coconuts and Mai Tais were served. Whatever your tiki-themed party was like, it was probably nothing like the Tiny Hamster’s (or maybe it was). This critter’s party was catered by a chef whose food was “strictly reviewed to ensure it’s hamster-healthy,” according to the YouTube description. Pineapples and other fruits were served in the form of a tasty smoothie. And of course, that smoothie came with a little umbrella. The Tiny Hamster and his hedgehog friend, who were both festively dressed, were also treated to a pu pu platter – what else could you ask for at a tiki party? Watch the video to find out the one thing the hamster wanted at his party (hint: one was there but it was out of order).

HelloDenizen welcomes ideas for future ideas; submit yours by using the #TinyIdeas hashtag.

What would your hamster’s tiki party be like?

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