A Hamster Eating A Carrot In Slow Motion Is The Answer To All Of Your Workweek Problems

Work is hard. Hamster videos make it better.

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So, so cozy
Anastasia Thrift

Mondays, amirite? Our best recommendation is to slowly warm up to your workweek with comforting computer fare.

How about a video of a hamster eating a carrot slice in slow motion on YouTube? With nearly 200,000 views, it looks like the mesmerizing motion of a tiny furry face posted by Dito Lobito has already entranced many people.

Maybe it’s the way the little critter is cocooned by a shearling blanket while enjoying a snack. It all appears super cozy and comfortable.

Endless loop of nom Via Dito Lobito/YouTube

Endless loop of nom. Via Dito Lobito/YouTube

And the gentle speed of the slow motion really captures the whole stop-and-smell-the-flowers ethos. We’re supposed to embrace mindfulness, right? Well, here’s our chance.

This hamster gets it.

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