A Green Clean Sweep

Natural alternatives to cleaning chemicals are better for your dog and the environment.

Holistic-minded owners can sometimes be a little inconsistent. After all, isn’t there something counterintuitive about feeding your dog an all-natural diet, taking great care to vaccinate minimally, and then dousing your house with chemicals when it comes time to clean and tidy up?

One natural cleaning staple is good, old-fashioned, white vinegar. Diluted with equal parts water, it’s a perfect cleaner for wood floors. And there’s no better solution for getting rid of urine odors in carpet: The vinegar neutralizes the ammonia smell, which often tempts dogs to become repeat offenders.

To make your house smell fresh and clean, add a few drops of an essential oil to the vinegar and water mix. Lemon, pine, and eucalyptus oils all have antiseptic properties, and are pleasing to the nose.

One caveat: Although most dogs can handle exposure to essential oils, cats, with their very sensitive metabolisms, can’t. Don’t use them in areas where Kitty is likely to be exposed.

Denise Flaim is a DOG FANCY contributing editor.

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