A French Favorite

The strong, smiling, silent Charteux.

When Darlene Arden, a certified animal behavior consultant, author and lecturer in Framingham, Mass., first met Aimee, a spayed female Chartreux, she jumped right onto Arden’s lap. The next day, Aimee brought one of her favorite toys to Arden’s feet. Aimee chose Arden and it was the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

“I was so lucky to get Aimee,” Arden says. “She has become my treasure in ways I can’t begin to describe. Aimee fetches with more enthusiasm than most retrievers. She kisses, cuddles, purrs and has brought joy and laughter into a very quiet household. I love her!”

Chartreux owners share Arden’s enthusiasm. Who could resist an adaptable, loyal companion that greets you with a loud purr and a warm smile?

“They are so very affectionate, so people-oriented and reliably sweet,” says Susan Conant of Newton, Mass., an owner of two Chartreux. “They’re not in-your-face cats, but if you want to read you’ll often find a large blue cat between your eyes and the pages of the book.”

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