A Fetching Partnership

Learn how to play a better game of fetch.

Ever feel like you’re just a tennis ball launcher for your canine retrieving fanatic?

Stop feeling used and utilize fetch the way it should be utilized — as a wonderful bonding and training opportunity that revolves around you, not the ball. Building this owner focus greatly increases your dog’s responsiveness to commands around distractions.

Sublime Canine training owner Nicole K. of Arizona explains, “When starting a puppy or adult dog for sport or basic obedience, the first goal is to keep the dog engaged with you. You accomplish this by doing short sessions of exciting obedience and play first at home, and then graduate to different environments such as the park.”

Engaging your dog means making yourself an animated part of the game rather than a quiet throwing machine. Praise your dog for returning the ball, ask for an occasional quick sit or down before you throw, incorporate a couple of brief stays each session and basically keep your dog guessing and happily anticipating what you may expect next. You might find you both enjoy the game a whole lot more!

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