A Festive Month And A Fun Issue

Enjoy the July Fourth holiday and have fun reading this issue of Ferrets Magazine.

Happy July!

I hope you all enjoy a safe and fun 4th with your family and ferrets. Here in California the government is really cracking down on fireworks and urging people to attend official firework displays instead of setting off fireworks on their own streets or back yards. It makes sense. The state is in a drought and there’s way too much dry vegetation just waiting for a spark to start a wildfire. This is good news for pets actually, because the bangs and pops of fireworks send many of our four-footed friends scurrying for cover.

We have some fun in store for you with our July issue, which features not just one but two quizzes. The Jeanne Carley Ferret Calendar quiz is live right now, and the Ferret Health Hero quiz will be available on July 21.

We’ve also got a fascinating article from renowned ferret expert Dr. Bruce Williams. The topic? Well, it’s ferret poop. Longtime ferret owners know that poop can sometimes offer an early warning sign of a medical problem. Yes, there are photos, but they’ll be small unless you click to enlarge them. Look for this article on July 7.

Articles on pet travel and pet laws round out the issue. It’s truly a packed month. Be sure to check back every Monday for the latest article.

I have great news for all you Club Critter members. We have some new avatar accessories available! We’ll keep working to bring you more, but I hope you enjoy the latest additions. Don’t know what Club Critter is? Click here>>

Have any of you sewing whizzes out there tried making Deva Kolb’s ferret shoe from the article that ran in June? No photos have been sent to us yet for this, but I still have hope that someone who makes the shoe will send a photo. You can find the article about how to make a ferret shoe bed in our article archive here. If you have a photo to send, click here>>

Thanks for reading. See you next month!

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