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A Ferret That Licks

Is excessive licking bad for ferrets?

Is excessive licking bad for ferrets?

Q: My ferret licks a lot. Is this a bad thing?

A: Ferrets find some strange things to be tasty, especially our sweaty skin. A ferret will also spend some time licking itself to clean or lick other ferrets in social behavior.

If a ferret is eating a quality food, has access to water, is seemingly healthy and has lots of playtime, then licking is probably just normal ferret behavior.

I recommend a check up with a veterinarian to be sure nothing is wrong if the licking is a sudden change in behavior or begins to happen more often. Also, if an older ferret or one that doesn’t seem to be its normal self is licking, these could also be signs that it’s time to visit a veterinarian.

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