‘A Ferret Tale’ Video Captures A Ferret’s Daily Life

The subtitle for this short video could be ‘Ferrets Are Smarter Than You Know.’

Hercules the ferret
Via James Coffman/YouTube 
Hercules truly demonstrated why he is the star of this video.

After watching this video, I believe it’s a cautionary yet fun way to show all ferret owners the virtues of ferret-proofing. The first 8 seconds foreshadow what is to come. The less-than-four-minute film is fascinating to watch, and very well shot and edited. And I have to say that Hercules the ferret should get some type of animal Oscar for his performance. I don’t think I’ve seen such ferret cuteness on film since we first met Falcor and Frisco in “Jake And Jasper: A Ferret Tale.” 

James Coffman, one of the creators of the video short “A Ferret Tale,” describes it as an observational documentary about a ferret’s daily life. He states in the video description that he created it with Jason Pollard for a film styles and production class. It was uploaded to YouTube on November 3. I hope they got high marks.

The video sets the scene inside a calm, somewhat messy household, perhaps a dorm. Then it focuses on an adorable ferret waking up. You can almost hear him yawning before he heads out, perhaps thinking to himself, “Ho hum, off to work I go.” 

The soundtrack is deceptively simple and upbeat, never hinting at the edge-of-your-seat action about to begin.

The first shock is when Hercules escapes from the top level of a multi-story cage and sets out to explore. I can’t believe he made that jump. But I definitely get the feeling that this ferret has “been there, done that” many times before as he proceeds to run a route through the house. Trash cans and their contents are the first victims of this ferret scrounger. Think a toothbrush is safe on a bathroom sink? Think again. This ferret is smart enough to open drawers and use them like a stairway to steal toothbrushes from not one but two different bathrooms. 

Like any ferret, Hercules doesn’t just steal things — he stashes them. First squishing himself into the opening beneath a closed door. You might think a ferret wouldn’t fit in such a narrow space, but he does. The next toothbrush gets dragged from a sink across the floor and into a closed cupboard. Yup, Hercules can open cupboard doors. 

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I am amazed that they caught a ferret on film doing all of these things. Hercules doesn’t seem to care that someone is right there, staring at him with a camera. I don’t know if it was all shot in one day or across multiple days, but Hercules is completely casual about it all.

The fact that the film captures all of these ferret adventures makes me suspect that the owners have wised up and made sure that the cage door is closed when Hercules is inside — this is for both the safety of Hercules and the toothbrushes in the household. 

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