A Ferret Summer

Are you and your ferret ready for the fun and problems of summer?

Summer is here, and I hope everyone is managing to keep cool. Ferrets are particularly sensitive to high temperatures and can suffer heatstroke when the temperature exceeds 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Depending on the humidity, heatstroke can occur at a lower temperature — higher humidity increases the chance of heatstroke.

This time of year also sees a rise in bug problems, whether because people go outdoors more or because there are more bugs around in warmer weather. Two types of mites can be present year-round, and really cause problems for ferrets. Dr. Sharon Vanderlip’s article on ear and skin mites offers advice on recognizing an infestation, diagnosis, treatment and ways to prevent it.

Check back the week of June 16th to see Deva Kolb’s pictorial article with instructions on making a shoe bed for ferrets. I don’t sew, but even I’m tempted to try making this cute ferret hideaway. If you make the bed, I’d love to see a photo of your finished piece. Please e-mail your digital image to me here>> I’ll post the results in my next editor’s note.

Our other feature articles this month are an update on the black-footed ferret recovery program (debuting June 23) and a heartwarming story of two ferret owners finding each other by chance (debuting June 9th). Both are must-reads.

Ready for some fun? We’ve added another element to the Fun & Games section of the site. You can now create your own Ferrets USA cover using your ferret’s image. Check it out here>>

Finally, with the strange weather across the United States and the start of the Atlantic hurricane season this month, you might want to check out the following resources for emergency preparedness tips.
Ferret Emergency Response, Rescue and Evacuation Team
United Animal Nations 
The National Hurricane Center   
The National Severe Storms Laboratory Tornado Guide
National Oceanic And Atmospheric Administration Severe Weather Site
The Storm Prediction Center 

Have a great June. Stay safe and cool!

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