A Dog’s Simple Pleasures

Survey reveals dog owners prefer to spoil their pooches with belly rubs and walks.

Move over designer doggie duds and day spas. When it comes to pampering pooches, a recent survey revealed that the majority of American dog owners opt for more simple pleasures, such as belly rubs, walks and a game of fetch.

According to the survey, conducted by Nestle Purina Petcare’s Alpo brand of dog food, two percent of the 713 dog owners polled say they have pampered their dogs by taking them to a doggie day spa, while one percent say they have pampered their dog with a professional massage.

On the other hand, when looking to do something special for their four-legged friends, 79 percent of those polled say they feed their dogs treats, 73 percent say they give them belly rubs and 69 percent said they take their dogs for walks.

When it comes to a pet’s happiness, 62 percent of those polled say their dog is happiest when greeting his owner, compared to going for a run (52 percent), receiving treats (48 percent), napping on the couch (32 percent) and chewing a bone (30 percent).

In a national search for stories of what real dogs like to do, Alpo has launched the Alpo Real Dogs Tell It Like It Is contest. The contest, which ends Sept. 28, invites dogs to submit a story (ghost-written by their owners) about their favorite real dog activities, such as eating, chewing and drooling. Winners will have their stories featured in a “how-to” manual for dogs due out in 2010.

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