A Dog Who Eats Grass Isn’t Always Ill

Dogs can eat grass just for fun, or because they have a slight stomach upset.

Q. I have a 10-month-old Toy Poodle who seems to want to eat grass and green plants when I take him for his walk. Is there something I could add to his diet to correct this desire for carbohydrates? Would celery leaves be OK, cooked or raw?
A. Why do dogs eat grass? This is one of the unanswered mysteries of the universe.

Recently there was some research done regarding this topic. It turns out that some dogs just like to eat grass, especially when their stomach is upset. Other dogs ate grass for the pure joy of it. There was no evidence of any dietary deficiency. Also, dogs who ate grass did not necessarily vomit afterward, although some did.

However, another scientific study done in 2007 showed that one dog who had eaten grass every day for seven years stopped eating grass after being switched to a high fiber diet. So perhaps some dogs are wanting, or needing, more fiber.

I would not worry about supplementing carbohydrates in your Toy Poodle’s diet. However, celery might be a fine additive, and add some possibly deficient fiber. Otherwise, just let him enjoy his grazing.

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