A Dog-Training Celebrity

From author to television star, Victoria Stilwell’s passion for dogs knows no bounds.

Actress, author, and respected dog trainer Victoria Stilwell meshes her talents as host of Animal Planet’s popular television series “It’s Me or the Dog” and co-judge for CBS’s “Greatest American Dog.”

Anyone watching Stilwell help owners improve their dog’s behavior, and consequently their relationship, realizes her work is a labor of love.

Sharing training experience originating from the early 1990s, Stilwell, who hails from England, teaches owners how to use positive, reward-based methods that avoid the conflict common to dominance-type training.

She also stresses the importance of exercise, socialization, and uniform rules, ultimately working to develop “clear, consistent communication between owner and dog.”

Despite her busy schedule, Stilwell makes time to promote rescue groups and speak against the irresponsible breeding practices of puppy mills.

Learn more about this internationally recognized trainer, or apply to become a guest on her show by visiting her official website.

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